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freelance designer, websites and e-commerce

I do websites, e-commerce,
mobile & web applications,
print design & brand identity.

I'm the guy that makes
people digg your brand.

Hi, I'm a fullstack web developer with 8 years of experience in the web development & design industry.

I worked as a lead programmer in a respected creative agency which allowed me to gain extensive knowledge about web & mobile development, design/UX, marketing, e-commerce solutions, web content and SEO.

I had successfully completed and maintained projects for high-profile companies such as Ford, Citroen, MADKOM, KETTLER, LA RIVE and other well-known brands.

Since You landed here You are probably looking for someone who can create Your new website. Well done! You found the man for the job!

My programming skills as well as good eye for design and knowledge of internet marketing allow me to take care of your project in a comprehensive manner.

I create highly functional, and interesting products to provide a memorable user experience whilst always keeping an eye on performance to make sure the feeling stays the same on every device, mobiles included.

I can handle Your projects from scratch, including Your brand identity, copywriting and all those things You have even no idea that You will need 😉) As well as develop projects for established brands.

I don't rely on plugins and themes, I provide, agency level service and customer care that will boost your conversion and sales.

Not yet decided?
Come with me, I will show You something that says more than just this long wall of text I made you read - check out my work, and if You want to know more (noncommittally) contact me.

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freelance web developer websites

Website / e-commerce / Mobile: Frontend • Backend

Keto Of The Year

Keto Of The Year supplies a complete diet plan and weight loss supplements.

Kolex project image
Website: Frontend • Backend


Feel-fit is a producer of sugar-free sweets, meals and protein products.

Feel fit project image
Website: Frontend • Backend


Manalay creates unique expeditions for people for whom travel is a passion.

Manalay project image
Website: Frontend • Backend

Citroen JD Kulej

JD Kulej is an authorized dealer and service technician for Citroen.

Citroen jdkulej project image
Website: Frontend • Backend

Larive Parfums

LA RIVE is one of the leading perfume manufacturers in Poland.

Larive project image
Website / e-commerce: Frontend • Backend • Configurator • Integrations


Imperoll is a major company in the roller blinds production market. and awnings.

Imperoll website e-commerce project image
Website / e-commerce: Frontend


Kovalite is a lifestyle brand with accessories for a modern man.

Kovalite website e-commerce project image
Website / e-commerce: Frontend • Backend


Cosmetin is an online shop with natural and ecological cosmetics.

Cosmetin website e-commerce project image
Website: Design • Frontend • Backend • Integrations

Unique Club Sopot

Unique Club is a prestigious night club located in Sopot.

Unique Club Sopot website project image
Website: Design • Frontend • Backend • Integrations

Vanilla Club

Beautiful dancers, elegant interiors, delicious drinks - all to please your senses ;)

VanillaClub website project image
Website: Frontend

Litus Invest

Precision and reliability - leading company in the construction market.

VanillaClub website project image
Website / e-commerce: Frontend • Backend


The only place where they will take care of your voice in a comprehensive way.

OpenVoice website e-commerce project image
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